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Emigrantes cubanos ahora pueden comprar casas en Cuba

Cubans living abroad who wish to become permanent residents in Cuba (repatriarse) may do so from January 14, 2013.

So far the Cuban authorities authorized the return home of exceptional cases, but according to the new legislation Cuban emigrant must apply at the relevant organisms and get a response within a period not exceeding 90 days.

The move opens the possibility that the emigrants at retirement age can receive their pensions in Cuba in «convertible pesos» currency which, in many cases, it would be economically advantageous considering the conditions of change in currency.

The Ministry of Interior in resolution No.44 entitled says verbatim in its second paragraph:

«Cuban  emigrants who apply to take up residence in the country on the Cuban consulates abroad or the office of Interior Ministry,  must meet the following requirements:

a) Submit the request.
b) Submit current valid passport.
c) Report that the reference person in Cuba is committed to ensuring the accommodation and meals as appropriate, until the person can have his own house and income.
d) Pay the tax or consular fee, as applicable, in accordance with current legislation.

The applications of persons referred to in the preceding paragraph must report the way used to emigrate, the reasons why they are applying for the residence in Cuba again and show an identity document  and the valid passport of the minor.

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