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There are 4 Ways for Foreign investors to buy Real Estate in Cuba:

  • Marrying a Cuban:

which allows the foreign citizen to become permanent resident, thus being allowed by law to buy a home from local Cuban owner.

  • Buying a property in the names of Cuban spouses, family members or friends:

By law, the market is open only to Cubans on the island or those living temporarily abroad. But foreigners, including Cubans living in the United States or other countries, are buying properties in the names of Cuban spouses, family members or friends.

  • Buying directly from a current foreigner who owns a home, or an apartment in Cuba.

For a number of years in the early 1990 Cuban law permitted the construction of some condominium style buildings where foreigners could buy an apartment.  Those who bought these are now able to sell them to other foreigners who are not residents in Cuba. It is therefore possible for foreign investors to buy Real Estate in Cuba by Buying directly from one of the current foreigner who owns a home or an apartment in Cuba. The visa category, “Real Estate Resident” (Residente de Inmobiliaria) is now officially listed along with other types of visas that incoming foreigners can apply for. Cuba has opened the doors to investment property with the approval of a new immigration law granting residency to foreign owners and lessees of property in the country.

This is a way  according to current legislation, where a non Cuban resident can buy a home or invest in the Cuban Real estate market.

  • Real Estate Development associated with the Golf Course:

Investment Type Joint Enterprise, Estimated Investment Amount 380.00 million USD (more information available)


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